Institute Programs

The Hanna Institute partners with community members, advocates and organizations to design programs that address the root causes of trauma and mitigate its impacts and effects. Our approach is expansive: we bring together evidence-base frameworks with place-based community practices to create innovative and equity-centered interventions to build healing, shift power and break cycles of trauma and oppression.

If you are interested in partnering with us on a program, please reach out!

Sonoma Valley for Healing Justice

In partnership with On the Margins, we’ve designed and co-facilitate a program for Sonoma Valley youth to shares strategies to holistically respond to generational trauma that impacts our bodies, hearts, minds and communities. Over 8-weeks, the program inspires students to care for self and community as they work to overcome collective harm and trauma.


Trauma-Responsive Sonoma (TRS)

Trauma-Responsive Sonoma (TRS) is a free, virtual training created to build knowledge of the impact of trauma, adversity, and stress that impacts workplaces and entire communities. And help us to adapt and thrive. Created in partnership with Sonoma Connect | Sonoma Unidos, this two-part series has provided hundreds of Sonoma County residents with tools to process trauma from natural disasters, the pandemic, and other events.

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