Four Questions: Lori Hines HR Director

Q1: How long have you been at Hanna Boys Center and what motivates you back every day?
I am the Director of Human Resources and have worked here for 31 years. I started as a cottage staff. The boys are what motivate me to return each day. While I do not work directly with the boys at this time, my work directly impacts them. An important part of my job is hiring staff and I am committed to finding the most qualified and compassionate staff for the boys.

Q2: What’s your favorite quote and why – it can be anything!
While there are many great minds that have said many profound things throughout the years one of my favorite quotes is from a ditzy character on a 1980’s TV show. The meaning of life by Mallory Keaton from the TV show Family Ties: The meaning of life? That’s simple. Try to be happy, try not to hurt other people and hope to fall in love.

Q3: What’ or who most inspires you?
I am most inspired by people who don’t give up, that when faced with unbelievable hardships, still get up every day and carry on. I see this in the faces of many of the boys here at Hanna, as well as many of the staff, who every day get up and face a new day despite the challenges in their lives.

Q4: What’s your most cherished memory from your work here at Hanna?
My most cherished memory is hard to say. I have many fond memories of my time in the cottages in particular. Camping with the boys in Tahoe during the summers was always fun. One year while we were all away from the campsite a bear came in to our campsite to have a little snack always stands out as memory. When we returned to the campsite we startled the bear who quickly climbed about 20 to 30 feet up a tree in the middle of our campsite. There the bear stayed for quite a while as we all stared at the bear. Eventually the bear needed to relieve itself and the boys all got a good laugh out of the bear peeing from the tree. By the way; the park rangers were not amused.

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