Hanna Ag Boys Are Class Acts At Sonoma County Fair

Since mid-January boys in our Ag program, led by Elizabeth Bjorklund, have been raising their assigned lambs for the Sonoma County Fair, and this past weekend, all their hard work paid off.

For over thirty years, Hanna has fostered a growing Agriculture program, located right here on our beautiful campus. The Ag program provides a host of different experiences and opportunities for skill building, from working in our small vineyard to gardening and growing vegetables. However, the largest focus of time and energy is spent on three areas: breeding sheep, market sheep, and competitive livestock judging.

Elizabeth Bjorklund said “We had very long days this past week, and these boys were champions while handling themselves with little sleep and a lot of pressure. They made me, our livestock assistants, Naomi Singleton and Katie Margreiter, and Hanna extremely proud.”

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