Hanna Boys Center participates in 1st Sonoma County ACE Fellowship Program

“The classic response for troubled students is reactive. Discipline. A trip to the vice principal’s office. Suspension. And, sometimes, expulsion. But more than 20 years of research on what causes students to become troubled shows that approach doesn’t work.
The question, then, has been: What does?” – Christi Warren, The Press Democrat

At Hanna Boys Center our experts were recently interviewed by the Press Democrat’s Christi Warren, for her article “Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) focus of new Sonoma County initiative.” The article focused on how the study on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) helps identify the effect that trauma has on young people as they grow up.

A new initiative here in Sonoma County is taking that very research and sharing the tools with caregivers in the community to help even more troubled kids by training the trainers who help them.
“Just here at Hanna, most of our kids are impacted by adversity, and what we now know is toxic stress created by that adversity,” said Brian Farragher, executive director of the Hanna Boys Center, a residential treatment center and high school in Sonoma.
25 people will be participating in Sonoma County’s first ACEs and Resiliency Fellowship, an intensive 9-month training program led in part by Dr. Robert Anda, who authored the CDC study. Hanna Boys Center is thrilled to have some of our staff members participating in this important fellowship program.

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