Hanna Students Are Bringing Our Electric Vehicle To Life!

We are working almost everyday on the electric vehicle we receieved as part of a public-private partnership grant bringing together electric vehicle manufacturer Switch Vehicles, the locally based Career Technical Education (CTE) Foundation, the Sonoma County Office of Education, and local green energy provider Sonoma Clean Power.

Those entities have worked in concert to develop, fund and provide “The Switch Lab,” a patented electric car design and manufacturing grant program for local secondary schools. Hanna applied for the program last year, just as it was taking serious steps to upgrade its vocational education program across a number of fronts.

“Some days progress is slow, other days we accomplish more. We are currently in the middle of installing the suspension, brakes, and steering” said Hanna teacher Ron Bilberry who’s class is enjoying the project.

“We get to keep the car. We’ll break it down and rebuild it each year, but my dream is to raise enough money for a second car next year that we can make into a four-seater and use for campus tours and the like. Either way, this will be a great thing for Hanna.”

A big thanks goes out to Mike Caselli for stopping by with his own Chevy Spark (fully electric vehicle) and sharing with the guys.

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