Honoring Sister Mary Peter Schwind

Mass this Sunday, December 11, will be a special memorial service for Sister Mary Peter, a member of the congregation of Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, who taught at Hanna Boys Center until 2003.

Sister Mary Peter Schwind, age 98, passed away November 2, 2016 at the Motherhouse for the Sisters in Wisconsin. Hanna alumni and Sonoma community members are invited to attend this special mass and have brunch afterwards.

As a fundamental piece of our history, the Sisters served Hanna from the school’s founding in 1949 until 2003. Sister Mary Peter served and taught at Hanna for 30 years (1950-1960 and 1970-1990).

In her curriculum vitae published by the Sisters upon her death was included:

“…Even though Sister Mary Peter loved her work in all these places, her heart remained at Hanna Boys Center. She explained, “It was no soft job trying to instill religious values and ideals into troubled boys who fought against rules and authority…It took a lot of doing to reach them…I’d dream up games and teaching devices to make learning attractive…I also listened. I discovered early on that if you don’t listen to them, they won’t listen to you.” Over the years, Sister Mary Peter heard from many of ‘her boys,’ now men, who remembered their days at Hanna Boys Center and the love and guidance given by their beloved teacher.”

In 1990 when she left Hanna, Bishop John Steinboch had this to say about her:

“Through your teaching, many boys came to know and trust the Lord and to experience His love…You have impacted not just one generation but many.”

Please join us in remembering Sister Mary Peter Schwind and the many Sisters like her that served the boys of Hanna for more than 50 years.

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