Why Get Trained?

To be trauma-equipped is to have the tools to recognize and respond to behaviors created by trauma- in yourself, in children, in caregivers, in peers.

We utilize trauma-informed care, trauma-responsiveness, de-escalation, behavioral science, neuroscience, and experience to create a training that leaves you supported, motivated, and inspired—trauma-equipped.

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Trauma-Equipped Credentialing Program

    Learn Flexibly

  • 7-hour training
  • 4 courses
  • 20-minute modules

    Get Credentialed

  • Implement PFCE Framework and meet Head Start Performance Standards to promote children and families’ mental health and social-emotional well-being.

    Be Supported

  • Get you questions answered
  • We’re here to help
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Trauma-Responsive Practices in Early Childhood

Equip yourself to be a positive and consistent support for our most vulnerable children and families.

Caring for the Caregiver

Equip yourself to continue your invaluable work without burning out.

Supporting Families & Other Caregivers

Equip yourself to create communities of care that ripple outward from children and families.

De-Escalation & Conflict Resolution

Equip yourself to handle the intense situations that inevitably come up.

Add-on Course for Supervisors

Purchase our add-on that focuses on building a purpose-driven culture that supports your Head Start staff and community. Find practical and inspiring tools to create a team dynamic that decreases turnover and increases safety and support.


  • Hear from trauma and childhood experts and clinicians.
  • Learn self-regulation practices to create a stress buffer.
  • Gain insights on empowering and connecting more to families.
  • Develop a simple tactic for cooling down stressful situations.


“You have awakened a motivation and inspired a curiosity I will carry back with me.” – Social Worker

 “I left feeling informed and equipped with strategies.” – Head Start Staff

“You were able to make it fun while sharing your knowledge and expertise with us.” –Teacher

“Thank you for teaching me self-care and how to connect with my roots.” – Head Start Staff