Mental Health Awareness

Addressing Mental Health in Our Community

Abordar la salud mental en nuestra comunidad


Mental Health Affects Us All


"Emotional trauma among youth is a public health crisis. With the support of our community partners, we are leveraging Hanna's experience and assets to serve a broader population and multiply our impact in Sonoma County. The investments we are making today will usher in a brighter future for thousands of young people and their families."

Celebrating a Year of the Community Mental Health Hub at Hanna

Addressing Mental Health Here in Our Community

The Community Mental Health Hub strives to provide a place of safety and hope to build resiliency and address the unmet mental health needs of Sonoma Valley residents, especially those that stem from trauma and adversity.

At the Hub, community members can access traditional and nontraditional mental health services, increase connection, participate in mental health prevention services to reduce stigma and risk, and find a place of belonging.

About Hanna Center

Hanna Center is committed to addressing — and healing — traumas for youth, their families, and entire communities. 

  • Clinical Care
  • Residential Care & Transitional Programs
  • Academic Success
  • Professional Training & Development
  • Sustainability & Support


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