Summer Heat Is A Knock Out!

Summer in Sonoma gets more than a little warm and today’s Knockerball Tournament between boys and staff really turned up the heat!

Do you know what Knockerball is?

Neither did we until the kind people at Santa Rosa Knockerball came by and demonstrated for us… and then boys and staff got to play!

A Knocker Ball is a large round ball chamber of air, that weighs about 30#s, that you can emmerse a good portion of your body in, and get ready for some really unique fun. It has inner handles and straps and is designed to let you rough it up with friends just playing around, or playing a newly found contact sport yet keeps you safe from all the contact type of injuries that comes with this level of sports.

Our boys got to play against staff in 5 on 5 “soccer-like” matches, and although this was a friendly tournament, there was some serious competition.

Knockerballs bounced and flew as teams chased down the ball to score goals.

Once the “tournament” was over, we had a game of Last Man Standing.

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