Daniel - Alum Success Story

Daniel – Alum Success Story

Hanna Center High School Graduate Daniel

“In high school, I had been drinking and smoking, getting into trouble. I eventually got into treatment, then moved to Hanna at age 17 and graduated the following year. Now six years later, I will never forget the valuable impressions from that experience.

Hanna gave me the skills to grow into a responsible and independent young man. There were consequences if I didn’t do my chores; privileges would be lost, but we were always treated with respect. I was the only Jewish kid on campus at the time but was never made to feel like an outsider.

We were taught how to do our own taxes; what other high school offers that -? We also learned how to apply for scholarships and higher education. Hanna Center High School does WAY more for students than a lot of other places. I think any kid would benefit from attending school at Hanna, regardless of their background. The instructors truly care about your education and are invested in your success. Not a single teacher was ‘punching a clock’ – you can always tell the ones who do.

After graduating in 2016, I went to Humboldt State University for a short time, then left for Israel where I joined the Israel Defense Forces and served in the military for about three years. I have Israeli citizenship and my father’s side of the family is all there. I am currently looking into attending university in Israel, as I live there now.

I’m also super-appreciative of Hanna’s follow-on care; the staff consistently checks in with me and sends me a birthday card each year. When I come back to the states to visit my parents, it’s important for me to always stop and visit with the staff at Hanna.”

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