Everyone deserves a chance
to heal, grow, and find success.

Hanna Center is committed to addressing — and healing — traumas for youth, their families, and entire communities. Our services cover the care continuum: helping youth build resiliency, independence and essential life skills through personalized career-focused skill development; one-on-one clinical care and group sessions, mental health resources. We offer training in trauma-informed best practices and innovative methodologies for practitioners people and organizations across the country.

Together, we’re solving broad institutional failings through cutting-edge interventions and leadership.

The Care Continuum

Hanna’s services span every aspect of Trauma-Informed Care. As leaders in TIC, we apply our cutting-edge research to our community-based programs, then we share our findings and train the larger community to make an even bigger impact.

By applying our research and experience to our own programs, we measure real-world outcomes, then refine and prove theoretical work. All to ensure we, and the partners we train, are effective in caring for youth, their families and individuals in our community.


Our Mission

Hanna transforms the lives of youth, families and communities impacted by trauma and adversity through resilience, connection and spiritual wellness.

Hanna Center Annual Report