Putting theory to work.

The Hanna Institute equips and empowers individuals and agencies across the street, the region, and the country. From nationally-recognized trainings and credentialed courses to large-scale program partnerships, the Institute works alongside organizations and communities to break the cycle of trauma and create a healthier future for all.

Institute Events

Throughout the year, we host conferences, seminars and events to share knowledge and skills of leaders and luminaries driving the field of trauma-informed care through clinical practice, research, community programs and advocacy.

The Hanna Summit

The Institute’s annual Summit and Summit Series programming brings leaders and community members to Hanna for professional development.

Experts and Innovators

Experts in their fields, and augmented by respected partners, the Institute team builds on global knowledge and insights with homegrown theories and practices designed to deliver applied knowledge on Hanna’s campus and across the country.


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