Creating stability for young people in need

Addressing the trauma of insecure, unsafe housing, our Residential Services create a safe place where young people can work toward self-sufficiency and independence, participate in a healthy, productive community, and take steps toward growth in all areas of life. Residential Services at Hanna are thoughtful, licensed, and all-encompassing. We provide the stability young people need to mature into a successful, independent adult life.

Living and working together

Communal housing creates partnerships between residents and the staff. Participants live and breathe mutual support, often in ways they’ve never experienced, with benefits they’ve never imagined. Leaning on housemates, working together to tackle household responsibilities, and expecting accountability from each other — our programs develop the healthy behaviors necessary for long-term, sustained independence and positive relationships.

Residential participants live in housing facilities specifically designed for youth with behavioral challenges. These group facilities are on-campus cottages and group homes. Each type of residence has several dedicated youth counselors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Residence staff work 3-1/2 day shifts, sleeping inside their assigned residence, with the students.

In addition to serving as role models, our youth counselors help each youth develop socially appropriate behaviors — manners, hygiene, collaboration — as well as a variety of life skills, including cooking, budgeting, finding employment and preparing for life away from a protected environment.

Full Support

Housing insecurity is a real threat to a young person’s emotional and social development. Without the stability of a safe and secure home, it’s nearly impossible to grow or succeed in other areas of life.

As part of our commitment to Trauma-Informed Care, the residential programs at Hanna Center are built around the young people we serve — from supporting their educational goals to developing social and cooperative skills, or securing permanent housing. From our legacy program — housing students in communal group homes and cottages where they have room to live and grow together — to new programs tackling housing challenges for older youth who’ve participated in foster care, our consistent, high-quality support services are tailored to the needs of individual participants, ensuring the best chance for positive outcomes. 

Residential participants are also encouraged to take advantage of individual, family, and group therapy, individual and group rehabilitation, comprehensive clinical case management and medication support.

Support & Care

Residential staff come from social work, education, and clinical fields, bringing expertise and real-world insights to working with participants in all of our programs.

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