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(Sonoma, CA Feb 2023) Hanna Center is a proud grant recipient of the State of California Department of Health Care Services ‘Providing Access and Transforming Health (PATH) Capacity and Infrastructure, Transition, Expansion and Development (CITED)’ initiative’s Round 1A funding.

The Department awarded a total of $119 million to 98 organizations across California that will leverage grant dollars to help deliver Enhanced Care Management (ECM) and Community Supports to Medi-Cal members under the California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM) program.

Hanna will use grant funds to build the capacity and infrastructure of our new Community Mental Health Hub at Hanna, scheduled to open to the public in May 2023. The Hub will dramatically increase Hanna’s ability to provide trauma-informed preventative care and early interventions to our students, community youth, adults, and local families.

“The funds received from this grant,” said Cameron Safarloo, CEO of Hanna Center, “will greatly support our efforts to improve and build the capacity of the Community Mental Health Hub, strengthening our alignment with community partners to best provide services to meet the critical mental health needs of the unserved and underserved population in Sonoma Valley.”

CITED funding will help Hanna build capacity to promote CalAIM initiatives of providing whole-person care by increasing our ability to safely and securely track, manage, and share client information internally and among our partners who will provide essential ECM services (medical, behavioral, and life-saving supports and care), allowing Hanna to break down silos between providers and create a comprehensive web of support for each Hub client, ultimately increasing health outcomes and decreasing health disparities among the highest-need families in Sonoma Valley.

About Hanna Center
Hanna Center is committed to addressing traumas that impact our youth and their families. Hanna Center’s High School helps youth build resiliency and grow through special needs-based instruction while our Community Mental Health Hub provides one-on-one clinical care. Our Residential Program provides housing and treatment for transitional-aged youth and Hanna Institute develops innovative methodologies and trauma-informed practices to inform our own work on campus and across the country. Connecting it all: a dedicated Hanna team made up of counselors, teachers, scholars, and leaders. For more information visit hannacenter.org.

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Jill Cooper
Director of Marketing and Communications

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