Providing Homes and Hope


Sometimes, what matters most is having a place to stay. With comfortable dormitory cottages nestled in our beautiful Sonoma Valley campus, Hanna Center helps young people transition from foster care to independent living. At Hanna, youth have access to trauma-informed treatment and career training as we help equip them with the skills and care they need to succeed as adults.

With the support of our highly trained staff, participants in our housing programs can access resources and services needed to make necessary changes and achieve permanent housing. The communal living situation is designed to foster cooperation and mutual support among youth working to transform their lives. All participants are expected to contribute positively and are encouraged to derive motivation and tangible support from their community.


Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP)


The THPP program is designed for youth aged 16-18 to assist in support of a successful emancipation by providing a safe environment while learning skills that can promote self-sufficiency. The program offers a dorm-like environment where trained staff members reside on-site to provide supervision and assistance.

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Transitional Housing Placement Program Non-Minor Dependent (THPP-NMD)

YOUTH AGES 18 - 21

This program is designed specifically for youth aged 18-21 who have chosen to extend their placement in foster care as non-minor dependents. The program is centered around an Independent Living Plan that includes career guidance, educational opportunities, researching affordable housing, and accessing medical and mental health services.

Living quarters for both programs are supervised and safe, providing a supportive environment for youth who are ready for more self-sufficiency and independence. Participants can enter directly from a familybased foster care setting, probation, or congregate care.

The programs also provide individual, family, and group therapy, as well as rehabilitation and comprehensive clinical case management to ensure that each individual’s unique needs are met.

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Support & Care

Residential staff come from social work, education, and clinical fields, bringing expertise and real-world insights to working with participants in all of our programs.

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