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Healing TOGETHER Part 2: Prioritizing Relationships Within Our Workplace and Communities

In this program, participants will, first and foremost, focus on connecting meaningfully. We will dive deep into the profound effects of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on the brain, body, and behavior. A dedicated focus will be placed on the three domains significantly impacted by complex trauma. The Attachment-Regulation-Competency (ARC) Framework is central to our exploration, a seminal approach designed to bolster coping mechanisms and facilitate healing from traumatic experiences. The program underscores the critical role of forging and mending relationships, whether it’s with children, families, or colleagues. Furthermore, participants will be prompted to suggest actionable ways their organization or team can effectively support self-regulation, ensuring a holistic and nurturing environment for all.

Helping you help others

Hanna Institute equips and empowers individuals and organizations with the trauma-informed tools they need to help people in their community.
  • Our bilingual and bicultural trainings place equity at the center of our work.
  • Coursework approved for continuing education credit for a variety of professionals.
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