The Institute Team

Meet our team of experts — social justice advocates, researchers and community leaders — working to transform lives and communities by leading and innovating trauma-informed care.


Christine Feenstra

Interim Vice President

Christine Feenstra joined Hanna Institute as Director of Outreach & Operations in 2021. Her passion for Trauma Informed Care partners well with her 16+ years of experience in the non-profit program planning & events industry, allowing her to match Hanna Institute’s training and consulting services to the right organizations. Much of Christine’s career has centered on working to provide the best training to professionals who serve the needs of children, youth, and families. Christine resides in Sacramento with her husband & children.


Dr. Rayna Friendly

Curriculum Developer and Lead Trainer

With over 10 years of experience designing, implementing and evaluating professional teaching-&-learning programs, Dr. Rayna Friendly serves as Hanna Institute’s Curriculum Developer and Lead Trainer. Prior to joining Hanna in 2022, she taught developmental and cognitive psychology courses at San José State University, in the Child and Adolescent Development Department, where she promoted Students-As-Partners and professional development initiatives amongst her colleagues. 

While completing her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology (McMaster University), Rayna conducted multiple research studies examining the influence of people and culture on the development of brain and behavior across childhood. She then completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Teaching & Professional Development (McMaster University), managing the creation and evaluation of inter-institutional virtual and in-person adult learning certificate programs. Rayna develops innovative training initiatives that utilize active learning strategies and teaching technologies to enhance the experience of learners from diverse backgrounds. Her focus is on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion practices, while building community and enhancing culture within and across organizations.


Richard De León

Community Engagement and Events Specialist

Richard De León facilitates community empowerment initiatives in Sonoma Valley. After spending time in large corporations, Richard served in several roles for Sonoma State University. He co-facilitated the SSU Faculty Retreat and the Sustainability Summit, using World Café to gather information to restructure General Education. Inspired by the joy of being an ally to youth, in 2017 he served as an Educational Opportunity Program Advisor to incoming SSU students from diverse backgrounds to support their empowerment and academic success. As an Organization Development professional, he has served corporations, non-profits, small businesses, community groups, and individuals.

With his parents having immigrated from Guatemala, Richard identifies as a proud Latino. Richard is the first in his family to graduate from college with a B.A. in Chicano and Latino Studies in 2005.  In 2018, Richard earned his MA in Organizational Development at Sonoma State University. Every day, Richard aims to be a better son, father, husband and an authentic human.

Ty Moore

Digital Learning Manager

Ty Moore serves as Hanna Institute’s Digital Learning Manager, responsible for managing all aspects of Hanna Institute’s virtual training and asynchronous learning library. Ty is your point of contact for any questions relating to virtual event registration, attendance, or certification. Ty is passionate about learning & design, collaborating, and helping others reach their goals. Ty attended San Francisco State University and majored in Communication with a minor in Africana Studies.

Institute Partners


Dr. Daniela Domínguez

Dr. Daniela Domínguez is an Assistant Professor at the University of San Francisco and the Chief Executive Officer at On the Margins, LLC. She is a licensed psychologist and professional clinical counselor with a special interest in liberation psychology, anti-racism, migrant justice, and gender and sexuality matters. She works with Hanna Institute as a consultant.

Her program of research has focused on understanding how Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) cope with stress and use specific strategies to draw upon resiliencies to achieve positive health. In 2020, the Society of Counseling Psychologists honored her with the “Early Career Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Counseling Psychology.” In 2021, the Society of Counseling Psychologists honored her with the “Social Justice Award” for her demonstrated evidence of achieving community change that supports disenfranchised or oppressed groups.


Nick Dalton

Nick Dalton helped launch the Hanna Institute in 2016 as the Assistant Director, and became Co-Director in 2018 and is now currently one of our trainers. Mostly recognized as the face of DirecTV bills in the mid 2000s, Nick was a part of the Broadway community for 15 years while teaching and training human serving humans around the globe. They are a talented interdisciplinary artist, teacher, and facilitator with a background in SEL through Arts Integration, Restorative Practices, and Community Development. Their specialty is collaborating with English Language Learners as well as Immigrant and Refugee communities. 

With two young children, Nick is passionate about Early Childhood Education, Parental Mental Health, how to decolonize public health and education, and dissecting why adult clothes just aren’t as fun as those for littles.


Dr. Robert Macy

Dr. Robert Macy is trained as a theatre artist, Taoist martial artist, dance movement therapist, developmental traumatologist, and disaster behavioral health manager. He has developed body-based psychological trauma interventions, and has launched the design, development, dissemination and implementation of trauma-informed care assessment and intervention service delivery systems in the United States and overseas focusing on schools, residential treatment centers, inpatient units, communities of color with high priority populations, emergency services and large-scale community engagement. Dr. Macy is the Founder and President of the International Trauma Center-Boston, and Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Boston Children’s Foundation, also in Boston.  

Dr. Macy is a founding member of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), where he is a primary content provider and National Master Trainer for the development of Psychological First Aid, and primary content provider and National Master Trainer for Skills for Psychological Recovery. He has co-chaired the NCTSN Terrorism and Disaster Network Committee and continues as a senior consultant to the NCTSN Terrorism and Disaster Center and has led numerous response and behavioral health recovery teams during national and international disasters. Dr. Macy is a senior response member for the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Disaster Technical Assistance Center (DTAC). He is activated by DTAC for major terrorist attacks and natural disasters in the US providing Crisis Counseling Programs (CCP) and continuum of care trauma focused interventions for youth, family and community.

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