Spiritual Life

Father Samuel Natale

Campus ministry for students and residents is rooted in the Catholic tradition, prioritizing the values of caring, compassion, kindness, character, and community. At Hanna Center, we honor and celebrate all religious beliefs, making room for the rich and diverse spiritual backgrounds that make their way onto our campus. A bustling spiritual community is a touchstone of life at Hanna, and we invite the public to join us for service in our chapel each week with Father Samuel Natale.

The Hanna Chapel

Open to the public for mass on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

Father Sam’s Reflections

I Wonder When

John the Baptist pointed out Jesus as the “Lamb of God.” At that time, the first two apostles started walking after Jesus. After they had followed him a bit, Jesus turned around and asked them: “what are you looking for?”