Connecting Through Fun

No matter the form it takes, getting out, getting together, and having some fun is always worthwhile. From fitness to camaraderie, Hanna Recreation brings the community together to have a good time. We offer a year-round calendar full of events and activities aimed at building connections, promoting well-being, and encouraging healthier lifestyles.

Hanna Recreation is built for all. From intramural-style sports to organized, guided time in nature, from indoor activities that spark creativity and nurture deep thought to community gatherings and social events, we’re providing safe spaces to make sure everyone feels welcome, connected, and supported. And did we mention fun? Yeah, there’s a lot of fun.

Safe & Inclusive

Hanna Recreation provides safe, inclusive spaces for recreation, health, and connection. All of our activities and events are planned with the widest audience in mind — we’re committed to making sure everyone is welcome and everyone is supported.


A community that gets together, that plays together, is a community that sticks together. Shared activity and engagement is a great way to make new, lasting connections and establish meaningful support networks.

Healthy Lives for All

Nurturing mental, emotional, and physical well-being not only impacts your quality of life, but has been proven to influence relationships, inspire young people, and cause a ripple effect throughout your community. Hanna Recreation is here to support healthy lives for all — through encouragement and guidance, we’re confident that together, we can all develop the healthy habits and positive mindset necessary to tackle all of life’s challenges.


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