Education is vital to long-term success for youth, no matter their background. For the community, Hanna Center offers:

      • Career Technical Education
      • Skills-based curriculum
      • Vocational training programs


Hanna Academy

Hanna Academy continues the Hanna tradition of transforming students into productive, healthy and compassionate young adults. Through the lens of trauma-informed care, students develop strong, trusting relationships with caring adults, gain a sense of stability and consistency in their lives and learn to transfer these skills into their communities. Many students have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) detailing a pathway of academic courses and Career Technical Education alongside physical education and athletics, art and music classes, and vocational opportunities. 

CTE & Vocational Training

In collaboration and partnership with local employers, associations, organizations and trade unions, the Hanna Center’s vocational training program supports transitional-aged youth in earning training certifications that will lead to potential internships and job placements. Additionally, vocational training programs are open to anyone in our broader regional community, aged 18 or older, interested in exploring career paths. 

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