Career Development

Educators should provide opportunities for people to learn about themselves and find a pathway towards a living wage in life. Through our programs, we’re lowering the barrier for entry. That makes a real difference in kids’ lives.

Hanna recognizes that each path forward is not the same for everyone. Some may be attending college, joining the armed forces, or moving directly into a career. We want to offer as many opportunities as possible so that participants can explore a variety of career options and launch from Hanna feeling confident in their ability to secure a job with a clear pathway to a stable career.

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In 2021, we began providing Vocational Training services to all youth in the Sonoma area. This expansion allows for expanded opportunities — including hosting the North Bay TIP (Trade Introduction Program) Cohort — as well as broader interaction for all youth on our campus.

Each vocational training pathway at Hanna includes training in work readiness, workplace and interpersonal communication, self-management skills, and financial literacy. At Hanna, youth don’t just learn the subject matter — they learn how to be successful professionals and coworkers.

Vocational Program

North Bay TIP is a certificated apprenticeship readiness program that will introduce attendees to apprenticeships in the many building and construction trades. It is intended to increase skills in construction math, drafting, drawing, work readiness and job safety while developing relationships within the North Bay Building Trades industry. This in turn helps participants become viable candidates for union apprenticeships. Those interested are free to come to an orientation before deciding if they want to sign-up for the program however, it is helpful to sign-up for an orientation so class leaders know how many attendees to expect.