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Scholarship Day 2023

“The education that I received at Hanna set me up for success after graduating,” Nathan said.
“They always encouraged us to pursue a career and further our education.”

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A New Vision

At Hanna Center, we believe every young person deserves a pathway to a productive and rewarding
life. We envision a world in which every individual grows up resilient and healthy, free from the
lasting effects of adverse childhood experiences.

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Brendan – Alum Success Story

Brendan – Alum Success Story

The biggest thing I got out of Hanna was learning how to take time to assess and make choices for my life going forward. I was able to gain mentorship and guidance from the teachers and staff within Hanna, which helped me make big decisions in my life moving forward.

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Arthur – Alum Success Story

Arthur – Alum Success Story

I was with Hanna for five total years, graduating in 2017. During my stay, I was fortunate to have many staff and peers who really believed in me and pushed me to improve. One major skill I learned at Hanna is time management which has helped me be productive since leaving.

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Anthony Garcia - Hanna RES Staff Member

Anthony Garcia – Hanna RES Staff Member

Coordinator for the Alverno House
Hanna’s Residential Program plays a large role in the trauma-informed care and character development of our youth, responsible for all aspects of the boy’s days and nights outside of school hours.

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Cool Kid – Isaac Carapia

saac Carapia is nearing the end of his high school career and is excited to see where life is going to take him. Originally from Santa Rosa, 17-year-old Isaac has been at Hanna Center High School for four years.

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Hanna Institute Summit

At the 2023 Institute Summit, we will gather to learn what we can do to support children from birth to age 18 who are homeless, undocumented, or involved in the foster system.

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