Thanks to Our Hub Partners

We are so grateful to everyone for supporting us during the opening of the Community Mental Health Hub at Hanna. From our staff to our donors, your contributions are so valuable to the future of the Hub.

We also want to thank all of our partners across Sonoma Valley who have helped make the Hub a reality. Together, that group of partners is The Sonoma Valley Mental Health Collective — 17 community agencies combining forces to assess and provide the mental health services and resources our communities need to thrive.

We are honored to be part of the collective, and grateful for the support of each partnering organization during the lead-up to the Hub opening, and, now, as we welcome youth, families, and individuals from across the region. 

The Community Mental Health Hub has been open for one month — and it has been so exciting to begin helping youth, families, and individuals grow and heal. We’re grateful to everyone who made it possible, and looking forward to what our partnership will bring in the future.

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