Hanna Mission Statement for Campus Ministry

We are committed to our residents’ and community members’ spiritual and religious formation in a trauma-informed, therapeutic environment within the Roman Catholic tradition.

We take Hanna’s mission seriously and focus on the development of the whole person. Therefore, we offer an environment that is educational and instructional, focused on religious formation and exploration.

At Hanna, we welcome all; that’s our greatest strength and always has been. We draw on our differences: who we are, what we’ve experienced, and how we perceive ourselves and the world.  We help develop individuals who are integral and who serve others. 

Our various programs include retreats, spiritual direction, book clubs, and religious education.  In addition, we celebrate the Eucharist regularly, and the sacrament of Reconciliation is always available, as well as the other sacraments as appropriate.  

We make ourselves available so that residents of our faith and all faiths may explore and commit to their spiritual identity through various forms of service experience. 

Campus ministry is a safe zone where our students, residents, and community members can express their faith freely, ask challenging questions and share their gifts with others.

Our ultimate goal is to enable our residents and the broader community to have an experience of the Church that empowers them to understand, accept and internalize the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

From that, they should become “People for Others,” citizens of the world with a courageous and developed moral compass that challenges injustice and embodies Gospel values.