Safety Training and Policies

Safety Training and Policies
Updated 12/2022

Hanna Center has implemented solid policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our youth not only today but for years to come.

Below are specific steps we have taken and policies that have been implemented: 

  • All Hanna Center staff have completed a professional training curriculum on identifying and responding to any possible signs of abuse (new staff is required to complete this within two weeks of employment and re-train semi-annually). 
  • Professional staff training includes focusing on awareness, grooming behaviors, and building healthy relationships.  
  • Additional security cameras were installed throughout campus.
  • Communication updates include quarterly awareness reviews, new technology, constant supervisor awareness reviews, licensing briefings and updates, incident reporting, and all-night awake night officers.
  • The facility has implemented behavioral-based interview questions and behavioral-based reference checks for all job candidates.
  • All facility vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and trip form policies. 
  • There are no window covers on clinical office doors and windows are not allowed to be blocked. 
  • Mirrors have been installed in clinical offices so the entire office can be seen from the door window. 
  • All staff have reviewed and signed all facility policies and procedures, including policies concerning boundaries and mandated reporting. 
  • A process is in place to allow senior leaders and managers to routinely make unannounced visits to cottages at various times of day and comment on observations made during these visits. 
  • The facility has clarified standards for the frequency of bed checks during the night and installed a monitoring system to ensure staff is meeting bed check standards. 
  • The facility has developed and implemented a system for residents to anonymously report or complain through a drop box. 
  • The facility has developed and implemented a system to share policies and standards for staff behavior and boundaries with parents and facility residents at admission. 

In July 2022 Hanna Center received The Joint Commission accreditation and certification means which means our organization complies with the highest national standards for safety and quality of care and is committed to continually improving patient care.