Arthur – Alum Success Story

Arthur – Alum Success Story

Arthur’s Story

I was with Hanna for five total years, graduating in 2017. During my stay, I was fortunate to have many staff and peers who really believed in me and pushed me to improve. One major skill I learned at Hanna is time management which has helped me be productive since leaving.

A value I learned and have held close to me ever since is integrity. To always do what’s right even when no one is looking. I also learned the importance of time and place which is a big one for me because I an outgoing person, but Hanna taught me that there are times to have fun and time to do business.

I took all these things I leaned from Hanna and still apply it to my daily life.

What I liked most about academics at Hanna was the size of the classes. The ratio of student to teacher made it easier to get one-on-one help. It was difficult leaving and then adjusting to huge college lecture halls and barely knowing your professors – but the discipline was there.

Since graduation, I have completed my dental assistant program and have been working since 2018. My experience will benefit me as I move forward and pursue certification in Hygiene. I have been procrastinating with continuing my education in the field, especially with the transition into adulthood. I became comfortable with my current position I’m in but I know I am capable of doing more and not settling. I recently got engaged and it’s time to get back into my studies and finish what I started. I have been fortunate to have had a great team behind me when I left Hanna which has played a huge part in my personal and professional life. I hope to finish my prerequisites by the end of this up-coming school year and then apply for Hygiene programs in California and even Washington.”

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