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“Hanna helped me learn how to persevere in school,” Angel says. “I lost some of what I learned when I first graduated, but I’ve been able to re-visit things that they taught me. Hanna emphasized structure and how to prioritize; to not have compulsive behavior. Today, Angel is a single father and is pursuing a dual-track MA degree (Marriage Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor MA degree with emphasis on Correctional Psychology) at Santa Clara University.

Angel — Hanna Center Alumnae

“I have been challenged to deal with trauma, survivor’s guilt and just being a 32-year-old single dad who has reluctantly grown accustomed to this “microwaveable” way of life we are currently living in. The years that I spent before graduating from San Francisco State in 2021 were a rollercoaster.

Working fulltime and being a father to my young son has successfully depleted my tank. One of the things I noticed about myself is that there have been far too many times that I’ve been caught up in the rat race and put my own wellness on the back burner, which only led to festering. Today. I feel very in-tune with myself. My strengths and my flaws have led me to a desire to improve my overall socio-emotional functioning and pursue the field of therapy.

Since graduation, I have worked as a residential counselor for both adults and adolescents. I also have applied twice to a local M.S. Clinical Psychology Program but was denied. The fire to further my education and accomplish my goal of earning an advanced degree still burned deep within. I recently applied to a different school and was thrilled to be accepted for the fall quarter. I plan on taking classes all four quarters as a fulltime student to ensure that I will be done within that three-year timeframe.

It has been quite a journey these past two years. I have experienced discrimination which has fueled my motivation to become a licensed therapist.

Hanna set me up for success as a young man by teaching me how to stick to a regimen and be consistent. I learned that if I can be both consistent and persistent, anything is possible. The instructors always encouraged us to remain active learners after leaving school and reminded us often to never be afraid to ask questions, because questions are also a form of intelligence,”

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