Hanna Transitional Housing Program

Offering a safe, welcoming environment to help participants emancipate successfully while learning skills that can promote self-sufficiency and effectively transition to adulthood

(SONOMA, CA – April 2023) Hanna Center is now offering certified Transitional Housing Placement Programs to former foster care youth, designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for both minors and non-minor dependents who are converting or aging out of the traditional foster care system.

Youth aging out of foster care face many barriers to housing because they are significantly more likely to drop out of school, be involved in the juvenile justice system, struggle with employment, and experience mental illness. These challenges can be compounded by insufficient child welfare system resources and a lack of affordable housing.

“We understand that launching into adulthood can be daunting, especially when it involves transitioning out of foster care," said Vice President of Hanna Center's Residential Program, Scott Singer. "Our goal with these programs is to provide youth with a safe place and the support they need to make informed decisions about their lives."

The Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP) is designed for youth aged 16-18 to assist in support of successful emancipation by providing a secure environment while learning skills that can promote self-sufficiency. The program offers a dorm-like environment where trained staff members reside on-site to provide supervision and access to trauma-informed treatment.

The Transitional Housing Placement Program for Non-Minor Dependents (THPP-NMD) is designed for participants aged 18-21 who have chosen to extend their placement in foster care as non-minor dependents. The program is centered around an Independent Living Plan that includes career guidance, educational opportunities, researching affordable housing, and accessing medical and mental health services.

"At Hanna, we strive to create an environment where our youth can feel supported and empowered," said CEO, Cameron Safarloo. "We are thrilled to offer these programs that will provide youth with the tools they need to become independent adults."

Both programs offer comfortable dormitory cottages that are home-like and supervised, allowing participants to build relationships. Services include trauma-informed philosophy and therapy for individuals, families, and groups to ensure that everyone’s unique needs are met and they are supported in making meaningful changes in their lives.

Participants must be former foster care youth who can enter directly from a family-based foster care setting, probation, or congregate care. For more information about referral applications and eligibility requirements, please visit hannacenter.org/residential.

About Hanna Center
Hanna Center is committed to addressing traumas that impact our youth and their families. Hanna Education Center helps youth build resiliency and grow through special needs-based instruction while our Community Mental Health Hub provides one-on-one clinical care. Our Residential Program provides housing and treatment for transitional-aged youth and Hanna Institute develops innovative methodologies and offers in-person and virtual professional, trauma-informed training. Connecting it all: a dedicated Hanna team made up of counselors, teachers, scholars, and leaders. For more information visit hannacenter.org.

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