Hanna Currently Safe From North Bay Fires – 10/10/2017

As we mentioned, at this time, 10/10/2017, 3:30 pm, all Hanna boys and staff are safe and accounted for. The closest we came tp danger was yesterday, Monday morning when the fires came within one mile of our northen border. At that time, all staff and boys were evacuated to Sonoma Valley High School where we spent the day. Thank you to the Sonoma Valley community which welcomed and supported us with open arms. Hanna staff contacted all guardians and parents of our children, and encouraged them to take them to their homes for safe harbor. By Monday late afternoon, we were down to 25 remaining students. At 6:00pm, remaining students and staff returned to Hanna Center, as the threat of fire had cleared. The remaining boys were happy to sleep in their Hanna beds Tuesday night.
​On Wednesday, this morning, the remaining students were relocated from campus to ensure the safety. At this time, it remains very smoky in the area. We are hopeful the fires will be under control soon.

Thank you all for your love and support. Good wishes and prayers are what we need during this difficult time. Please know that our prayers are also with you as well.

We will update you again soon!

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