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Navigating Wellness; Building Resilience: A Journey to Professional Well-being

Hanna Institute’s professional wellness symposium offers a holistic approach to well-being in the workplace, emphasizing emotional, mental, and physical health. Starting with “Reconnecting and Renewing,” participants engage in dynamic activities designed to foster connection and emotional safety. “Revisiting and Resurfacing” dives deep into the science of trauma and chronic stress, while recognizing attendees’ diverse experiences and coping strategies. “Roots of Resolve” takes participants on a retrospective journey to understand the pivotal moments shaping their careers. “Bridges and Boundaries ” focuses on self-care strategies to manage stress and ensure long-term wellness. “Wellness Toolbox” equips attendees with tools from established wellness organizations, and the concluding session, “Modeling and Metrics,” empowers them to implement these learnings and set actionable, measurable goals for a sustainable future of health and balance. 

Helping you help others

Hanna Institute equips and empowers individuals and organizations with the trauma-informed tools they need to help people in their community.
  • Our bilingual and bicultural trainings place equity at the center of our work.
  • Coursework approved for continuing education credit for a variety of professionals.
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