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Hector was living in poverty and an unstable environment when he first entered Hanna Center. “I had to make changes in my life,” he says. “Hanna taught me independence and I learned more about my faith. They gave me life skills and set me up for success.” Hector is a graduate of UC Davis and has been accepted into law school in Sacramento. “I want to become an attorney so I can advocate for members of my community who cannot afford one.”

“I always had a goal to be the first college graduate in my family. While earning my diploma from Hanna Center High School, my instructors encouraged me to go after my dreams and prepared me for eventually earning a BA and graduating from UC Davis in 2020.

I recall my first year at Davis; I really enjoyed sitting in the front row of class and asking a lot of questions during lectures. Going to the library was an essential part of my success in my coursework. When the pandemic struck the next year, our in-person lectures became virtual pre-recorded courses.

Both lectures and school resources were vital to my academic success. But I learned to adapt to these challenges and succeeded in graduating. I was very fortunate to receive alumni financial support from Hanna while at UC Davis. The funds made it possible for me to secure housing that also accommodated my young family, allowing us to be together.

Upon graduating, I secured a three-year Fellowship with 10,000 Degrees and I now work as a College Success Fellow. I assist in the matriculation of students from 17 different universities across Southern California.

Even though I had my degree, I was still facing a lot of financial stress. I took on additional work to make it through the end of the month, which was a big motivation for pursuing higher education. I am thrilled to have been recently accepted into a local law school. My enrollment wouldn’t be possible without the Sisters of St. Francis Scholarship from Hanna. I am hoping that accomplishing my academic goal will get me one step closer to financial stability.”

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