Mia's Story

In honor of this reflective season, we at Hanna wanted to share the story of Mia and her exceptionally courageous family.

Mia, a grandmother of two, selflessly embraced the responsibility of caring for her two young grandchildren, but, recognizing that her love alone wasn’t enough to meet their needs, she sought help. And Hanna’s recently opened Community Mental Health Hub was exactly what she and her family needed.

As a teenager, Mia’s daughter frequently ran away from home. Mia worried and wanted to get help, but mental health and substance abuse issues were areas that came with a stigma, something families should be ashamed of and deal with on their own.

Mia did the best she could, and when her grandchildren, Julie and Rick, were removed from her daughter’s care, Mia stepped in even though she was facing her own emotional, physical, and financial struggles.

Julie, only 12 years old, grappled with feelings of rejection and insecurity; she sought refuge in destructive behaviors and floundered in school.

Rick, at just 9 years old, also struggled in school and was unable to control his emotions in the classroom.

These issues are what we see so often at Hanna – and precisely why we knew the Mental Health Hub was so desperately needed. The trauma that families and children experience is so hard to overcome, so complex, and, especially for the children, requires a guiding, loving hand with expertise to help them move forward.

In making the decision to come to Hanna, Mia knew there was no shame, no stigma in seeking help. She also knew that without help, her beautiful family would continue to struggle.

Breaking the cycle of trauma and addiction takes courage and caring. And while it’s only been a short time, both Julie and Rick are improving in school and their relationship with Mia is getting stronger.

Because of kind and thoughtful generosity, Hanna Center was able to be there for Mia and her family. Your spirit of generosity has the power to make a real difference in someone’s life.

This holiday season, let’s come together to create better futures for people like Mia, Julie, and Rick. Every contribution, big or small, will make a difference.

Be part of the future of Hanna.

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