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Scholarship Day 2023

“The education that I received at Hanna set me up for success after graduating,” Nathan said.
“They always encouraged us to pursue a career and further our education.”

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Anthony Garcia - Hanna RES Staff Member

Anthony Garcia – Hanna RES Staff Member

Coordinator for the Alverno House
Hanna’s Residential Program plays a large role in the trauma-informed care and character development of our youth, responsible for all aspects of the boy’s days and nights outside of school hours.

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Cool Kid – Isaac Carapia

saac Carapia is nearing the end of his high school career and is excited to see where life is going to take him. Originally from Santa Rosa, 17-year-old Isaac has been at Hanna Center High School for four years.

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Daniel - Alum Success Story

Daniel – Alum Success Story

“In high school, I had been drinking and smoking, getting into trouble. I eventually got into treatment, then moved to Hanna at age 17 and graduated the following year.

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What It Means To Work At Hanna

My name is Brad La Bass and I came to Hanna in 2004 fresh out of finishing college at the University of Santa Cruz—newly minted with a Psychology Degree—and no idea what I was getting myself into by joining the Hanna family.

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Hanna Boy Interview On CBS News Tonight!

The look of determination on the face of Fernando Marquez says it all, as he drives in the ball for Hanna Center. His dad is in prison, he worries about his mom who has difficulty on her job cleaning houses because of a disability.

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